How to Draw a Hammerhead Shark

In this tutorial of drawing we will demonstrate you how draw a Hammerhead shark 8 easy steps. You can make use of this step-by-step drawing lesson to develop your drawing skills.

Hammerhead shark is basically a consummate predator that uses its oddly shaped head to improve its ability to search prey.


This step by step tutorial will help you get the final image of the hammerhead shark.

Here are few fun facts related to hammerhead shark:

  1. Their average lifespan is 20-30 years.
  2. Their size varies from 4-6 m.
  3. Their diet includes octopus, squid, crustaceans, other fishes and sharks.

Now let us go through the steps to learn how to draw a hammerhead shark:

Step 1: Begin with the shark’s head section.


Step 2: Draw the Head Section


Step 3: Draw the first fin.


Step 3: Add its lower as well as remaining fins.


Step 5: Draw the Lower Body


 Step 8: Draw the upper tail flaps


 Step 7: Draw the lower tail flaps


 Step 8: Complete the drawing by adding the eyes & the details to the body.


Here quick 2 minutes video explaining all the steps: