How to Draw a Horse

With the help of this drawing tutorial one can easily learn to draw a horse. This how to draw a horse step by step tutorial is particularly designed for the ones who are eager to learn drawing. The tutorial first deals with the introduction and facts about the horse and then comes to the steps which help in making a complete drawing.


Horses are the creatures that can sleep either lying down or standing up. They can start running shortly after their birth. In this tutorial we will be showing you that how you can draw horse step by step in 6 easy steps.

First check out some amusing facts about a horse:

  1. There are around two hundred five bones present in the horse’s skeleton.
  2. They have biggest eyes in comparison to any other land living mammal.
  3. They are herbivores.
  4. Most foals (baby horse) are born at the night time.

Here are 5 Quick Steps to draw a horse:

how to draw a horse

Here is a Quick 2 minutes video explanation: