How to Draw an Elephant

Learn simple ways and find easier tricks while learning to draw. Everybody who wishes to learn drawing, the given tutorial is very effective if practiced regularly. It teaches simple technique of drawing in step by step format.  You can get the tutorial printed and use it as free exercise to teach drawing to children.


It is fun to watch an elephant and it will be more fun when you learn how to draw an elephant in simple step by step procedure. The two main species of the elephants are African elephant and the Indian elephant. Elephants love eating fruits, sugar canes, rotis etc.

Let us learn few interesting facts about elephant.

  • Elephant is one of the most powerful animals.
  • Earlier days elephants were used in wars or during processions.
  • Elephant is also highly popular animal among adults and kids.

Let’s learn and see how an elephant will appear on the paper, once you finish drawing it in step by step manner.

how to draw a elephant